A relationship with our suppliers based on clear and shared commitments

The SPIE Group is committed to responsible purchasing and considers its suppliers to be essential partners. To build a lasting relationship of trust with them, we have established a clear and shared framework through two reference documents: the supplier and subcontractor charter and the general purchasing conditions. These documents play a key role in SPIE's CSR approach, helping to reduce our environmental impact and develop our social impact.

The supplier and subcontractor charter  

In line with its responsible sourcing policy, SPIE expects each of its service providers to comply with the structuring principles set out in the supplier and subcontractor charter. These principles cover human rights, international labour standards, the environment and business ethics. At the same time, companies have a primary obligation to comply with national and international laws and regulations.  

Respecting the guiding principles of international organisations 

In line with its values of performance, proximity and responsibility, the Group has developed the charter governing its supplier relations by incorporating:  

  • The ten principles of the Global Compact. Under the aegis of the United Nations, this organisation encourages companies to support the defence of human rights, respect for labour standards, the fight against corruption and the recognition of environmental issues. SPIE has been a member since 2003.   

  • The OECD guidelines, to which the Group adheres, which include recommendations for multinational enterprises. 

  • The conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).  

Scope of application of the SPIE supplier and subcontractor charter 

The Supplier and Subcontractor Charter applies to all companies that have a business relationship with SPIE. The Group also encourages them to promote this charter within their own sphere of influence. As part of an ongoing improvement initiative, internal or external auditors may assess suppliers to ensure that the charter is being applied. SPIE is aware of the specific risks borne by its very small, small and medium-sized suppliers and is also mindful of preserving the local economy in compliance with EU provisions or with the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) for other countries.