SPIE aims to deliver economic performance while maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The Group favours transparency, mutual trust and lasting relationships with all its stakeholders.

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At SPIE, a sustainable economy and responsibility are part of the corporate culture.

Responsible purchasing, employee shareholding, zero tolerance for corruption... these are all principles integrated into our strategy. This ethical responsibility applies to our employees and our partner ecosystem. It allows us to work in a spirit of confidence and create a virtuous business model. 

Responsible purchasing: a joint approach with our suppliers 

As a multi-technical services company, SPIE purchases goods and services worth nearly €4 billion from 70,000 suppliers and subcontractors. A supplier charter, an integral part of each contract, details what SPIE expects from its value chain in terms of CSR. Suppliers are also regularly assessed on their CSR performance by an independent third-party organisation. CSR risks are identified and action plans are drawn up accordingly, whether in relation to health and safety or reducing suppliers' carbon footprints. In terms of carbon emissions, SPIE's objective by 2025 is to source two-thirds of its purchases from suppliers who are equally committed to substantially reducing their carbon footprint. 

Business ethics: a code of conduct in the workplace 

The Group is committed to acting in accordance with business ethics regulations. SPIE has introduced a code of ethics as well as a procedure for collecting and handling reports and alerts. Training courses tailored to the different levels of exposure to ethical risks have been developed and implemented for employees. 

CSR to promote economic development: a shared vision for the future

Employee shareholding has been part of the Group's DNA since 1997, when employees acquired a stake in the company. This then developed through the shareholder changes that followed until 2015, when the Group was listed on the stock market. Since 2015, employee shareholding plans called SHARE FOR YOU have been regularly offered to employees. They illustrate the desire of SPIE's management to engage employees in the company's performance on a long-term basis. Employees became SPIE's largest shareholders in 2021. Their position places the Group among the top 12 SBF 120 (French stock market) companies in terms of employee shareholding. SPIE is also included in the Euronext FAS IAS index of companies with robust employee shareholding structures. 

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of SPIE's purchases are assessed on their CSR performance


of the company's capital was held by employees as of 31 December 2022

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SPIE promotes the growth of the circular economy: