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In a very competitive sector requiring highly qualified personnel, SPIE strives to attract, develop and retain talent by guaranteeing quality of life at work, career development and constructive social dialogue. SPIE is committed to the well-being of its employees, because they are the company's most important asset.

Prioritising health, safety and risk prevention

The health and safety of our employees in the workplace requires vigilance and high standards at all times. High-performance safety management systems certified according to recognised standards, such as ISO 45001, VCA and MASE, are rolled out on our sites. The Health & Safety Code was reinforced in 2021 by the implementation of life saving rules. This is accompanied by numerous initiatives that raise awareness of our major risks. SPIE has set itself the target of halving the number of serious accidents between 2019 and 2025. Our accident severity rate is one of the lowest in the industry.

Supporting upskilling

Developing the skills of our employees allows us to remain at the cutting edge of technological developments. At SPIE, training is designed to enable each employee to acquire new expertise so that they can develop and chart a career path in line with their desires. In addition to international leadership development programmes, annual training programmes are offered in each country in the fields of technology, management and personal development. SPIE is preparing for the future by training the talents of tomorrow in markets that are in high demand: some 2000 apprentices are currently in training, mainly in our French, German and Dutch subsidiaries.

Constructive labour relations

In order to take their aspirations into account, SPIE strives to build a relationship of trust with its employees through open and ongoing social dialogue. The European Works Council is made up of representatives from the various countries in which the Group operates. Employees are also represented on the Board of Directors by two directors representing employees and one director representing employee shareholders.

An appealing quality of life at work

Quality of life at work is essential to attract and retain talent. It's also a driver of performance. Improving the well-being of our employees at work also means improving the quality of service we provide to our customers. SPIE therefore aims to ensure optimal working conditions for its employees. In particular, this includes an attractive working environment with creative and friendly spaces, such as at SPIE ICS in Malakoff and Grenoble and SPIE Belgium in Aalter. In Belgium, SPIE has been voted Top Employer for the fourteenth year in a row. Other subsidiaries, such as SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa and SPIE Oil Gas Services, are also strengthening their employer brand by landing similar prizes.

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