Sustainable inSPIErations

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As a company that is deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility, SPIE has outlined and implemented a sustainable development policy. The Group promotes a green economy in all aspects of its activity. It also applies its values through commitments, which guide its subsidiaries in their daily activities.

Promoting a green economy throughout the Group

In its effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, SPIE has applied a green economy policy throughout all of its businesses. In this context, SPIE develops energy efficiency services tailored to each of its sectors, whilst also providing support to its customers in their green economy efforts. Within the company, SPIE works to reduce the environmental impact of its daily activities.

Applying SPIE values through commitments

Guided by a strong set of values, SPIE has outlined several priority areas to be monitored by all of its subsidiaries. The Group aims to reach zero risk in health and safety and promotes equal opportunity for all to encourage diversity within the company. Regarding ethics, SPIE strives for transparency at every level. In addition, it is committed to achieving tangible objectives to preserve the environment.