Sustainable mobility

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From roads, motorways and airports to public, rail and river transport, SPIE offers expertise in all types of transport and actively responds to the growing need for sustainable mobility. The Group provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact.

Optimising traffic management and safety

Cities are now faced with a significant increase in traffic from transport. To meet this challenge, SPIE has developed innovative information systems designed to manage and optimise transport. SPIE offers smart solutions for:

  • Ensuring traveller safety on roads (managing right-of-way at intersections, emergency call networks, etc.),
  • Improving traffic management,
  • Communicating information in real time to operators, drivers and travellers (Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.).

Promoting ecological transport

For SPIE, providing zero -emissions modes of transport is a central challenge in mobility. To this end, the Group has contributed to the development of public-sharing bicycle systems in key French cities (Lyon, Rennes, Lille and Paris). The Group also supports its customers in the transition to electric mobility by offering a full line of electric vehicle charging station infrastructure in several major cities in France.
SPIE has committed itself to eco-mobility: charging stations will soon be installed at its French sites, and electric vehicles will account for 10% of its fleet.

Maintaining and promoting transport infrastructure

SPIE has developed a special skill set adapted to each mode of transport. This helps the company operate and maintain all types of infrastructure:

  • Roads
  • Airports
  • Public transport
  • River and sea transport

SPIE’s experience and knowledge also help local communities to optimise their infrastructure use. Some of the Group’s major projects include maintenance of motorway A43 in France (also known as Autoroute de la Maurienne), installation and maintenance of on-board remote switching systems, traffic lights for the Bordeaux tramway, and preventive and corrective maintenance of electromechanical equipment at the Cointe Tunnel (Belgium).