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Press release
Switzerland: SPIE gets involved in Smart Cities


Lonay, 3 June 2016 – From 1 June 2016, cities with “Smart City” projects or which want to adopt such an approach can benefit from the expertise and experience of innovative companies which have come together in the CityZen association. SPIE, a member of CityZen, offers its skills and knowledge in the delivery of complex multitechnical projects in order to serve the city of tomorrow.

The requirement for efficiency (budgetary savings, cost reduction, return on investment) and citizens’ comfort has driven the need to offer cities a “Smart City” skills centre.

CityZen designs, integrates and delivers “Smart City” projects for cities, giving them a single point of contact and enabling the efficient implementation of a set of coherent “smart” services to meet their specific needs, in line with the objectives of each mandate. 

Today, CityZen covers all key areas of the smart city (strategy, mobility, parking, energy, waste management, smart buildings, safety, data management, etc.) through its members, which so far are EcoWaste, Innobridge, Losinger Marazzi, Schréder, SixSq, SPIE and SWISSTRAFFIC.

CityZen was born out of the realisation that a “Smart City” project cannot be implemented by one company alone, and that a group is often necessary. Also, any solution aiming to be “smart” cannot occur in isolation. It has to take account of the multitude of influencing factors that make up a city. CityZen offers one point of contact and a single interface for innovative and interoperable solutions.

“The SPIE Group is involved in Smart Cities across Europe. Our involvement in Switzerland arises from this strategy, our competency and market need”, says Massimiliano Franco, Business Developer Smart City at SPIE ICS, and co-founder of CityZen.

CityZen has the ability to bring in local players and, through the “Smart City” projects already delivered, can offer operational solutions with measurable benefits.

To face the increasingly complex challenges of the smart city, CityZen will bring new members on board in line with developments relating for example to artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

CityZen also works closely with the research departments and institutes of various universities (EPFL, University of Geneva and HES).



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