Major projects

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« Time 4 Society » - 3rd edition: an ever-increasing mobilization!

The 3rd edition of « Time 4 Society » within SPIE Belgium ended on 17 May 2018. This year, some 104 employees mobilized themselves and each of them offered one day or half-day of work to support one of the 10 selected projects.

They have been able to:

  • Participate in the cleaning and the upkeep of nature reserves.
  • Carefully prepare open days.
  • Carry out gardening work for sick children.
  • Take part in a major clean-up at the Institute for the Deaf and Blind.
  • Lend a hand to the Special Olympics.
  • Sort, clean and upgrade three cubic metres of toys.
  • Allow seniors to dance and celebrate.
  • Go for a walk.

The feedback from the participating organisations is unanimous: SPIE's employees have been invaluable and effective in helping them.


SPIE Belgium

Laure Simon
CSR Officer
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