Major projects

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Time for Society at SPIE Belgium

In collaboration with the Time4Society non-profit association, SPIE Belgium made a commitment to offer 100 working days so that its employees could get involved in social and environmental projects in 2016.

For over ten years, SPIE Belgium had the tradition of not giving end-of-year gifts to its clients but rather of allocating this budget to one or more charitable organizations in Belgium. In 2016, SPIE Belgium decided to offer time to its employees to participate in public-interest projects. To bring this new initiative to fruition, SPIE Belgium established a partnership with Time4Society, a not-for-profit association specializing in societal team building activities.

Selected SPIE Belgium employees were able to participate in one of several projects selected by SPIE with a social or environmental purpose. These projects, which were launched in the spring, cover diverse themes – park clean-ups and uprooting of invasive plants, logistical support for a festival for people with disabilities, refurbishment of buildings for a not-for-profit association helping adults facing difficulties, etc.

95 percent of total project availability was filled. The participants were all very enthusiastic and the feedback was very positive. In addition to the societal benefit, this initiative contributed to social cohesion at SPIE.



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