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Press release
Toul-Rosières solar power plant: EDF Energies Nouvelles places an order for two conditional work packages

The power plant, which occupies more than 400 hectares at the former French air base number 136, at Toul-Rosières, in Meurthe et Moselle, will generate 143 megawatts, enough power to meet the needs of a town with 62,000 inhabitants.
The new work packages include the following tasks:
  • Electrical engineering studies and optimisation of voltage drops
  • Laying of cables to connect 300,000 panels to the network:
    - 16 km of trenchwork
    - 400 km of cables
    - 7,000 prefabricated cable bundles
  • Installation of 700 LV cabinets and 800 splice boxes
  • Connection to the 33 kV high-voltage network
  • Tests and commissioning of the power plant

The whole contract now represents more than 60,000 hours work and will mobilise about a hundred personnel between June and December 2011.
The additional orders are worth €6.5 million, bringing the total value up to €14 million.
Delivery is scheduled for September to December 2011 for the two conditional phases. Press contacts

Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21

Agence Droit Devant
Philippe Hériard
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 77 02 45