Major projects

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Toulouse tramway

SPIE Sud-Ouest is expanding its involvement with the development of the Toulouse conurbation public transport network with reserved lanes.

After the T1 and Garonne lines, the “Envol” line will be added to the Toulouse tramway network and will link the town centre to the Toulouse-Blagnac airport.

As part of this project, the SMAT* has awarded three new contracts to the SPIE Sud-Ouest transport department:

  • The first “HV/LV/ Traction Energy” contract consists in supplying and completing the installation of the 750Vdc traction equipment for the Overhead Contact Line (OCL) and the 230/400Vac low voltage power equipment (HV/LV/Traction power supply, control/command of the supply, power cables, power boxes on the lines, low voltage power equipment and passenger station protection equipment, cable pulling and connections including the 1,000 mm2 Feeder, DGU control and fault loops,…)
  • The second contract relates to the priority Tram detection – transport department experts will carry out the installation work for the detection loops located in the ground and detectors in the control cabinets, using equipment supplied by SPIE Belgium. This equipment will be employed to trigger the traffic control systems.
  • The third contract relates to the Traffic Lights Signals for 14 crossroads. As part of this contract, SPIE Sud-Ouest will install the equipment for the traffic lights and Tram priority lights, linked to a control cabinet (automaton used to manage information and prioritise the trams)

This 2.4 km line is expected to be put in service in April 2015 and will carry on average 9,500 passengers a day.

* The SMAT (Société de la Mobilité de l'Agglomération Toulousaine) was awarded the delegated project management mission by Tisséo SMTC (the authority responsible for organising public transport) to provide the work and equipment needed to ensure the development of the public transport network in reserved lanes for the Toulouse conurbation.

Key figures
2,000 hours
of study
6,600 hours
of production



Thierry Mazière

Alain Marcaillou