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Transport: Agora, road & motorway traffic management system

Respond to users' mobility, safety and comfort requirements while limiting the environmental impact of traffic : Agora, the heart of your information systems, helps you
manage traffic on your road and motorway infrastructures.


  • Secure users' journeys and personnel interventions
  • Monitor winter serviceability operations
  • Supervise infrastructures and equipment

Manage traffic

  • Collect traffic data (counting data, weather forecast, video, etc.)
  • Calculate journey times, traffic indicators and service levels
  • Regulate speed and access dynamically
  • Develop traffic forecast

Manage events

  • Detect unforeseen situations and incidents
  • Anticipate and manage road works and pollution peaks
  • Develop, implement and monitor plans of action
  • Coordinate interventions


  • Inform users of events and traffic conditions
  • Communicate with partners and authorities (CRICR, Police, etc.)
  • Share information with other operators

Agora's key advantages

  • Counting data management
  • Management of equipment and technical alarms
  • Plans of action, VMS display strategies and traffic management plans
  • Multi-media news bulletin (fax, e-mail, text, etc.)
  • Vehicle monitoring, management of interventions and winter serviceability DATEX II interface
  • Dynamic speed regulation, access control and regulation
  • Non-real-time analysis, situation replay


Transport & IT Division
70, chemin de Payssat
4, avenue Jean Jaurès – TSA 90001
69551 Feyzin cedex

e-mail :