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Transport: Cité, urban traffic management system

Your city is a living organism shared by pedestrians, bicycles, cars, vans, buses and trams.
Your city needs to ensure smooth-flowing traffic circulation for the safety of its inhabitants.
A unified management system is now essential in order to coordinate your city's increasingly dense traffic, more complex travel, and the ever-growing number of systems and devices installed.
A breathing city is a beautiful city.

Reliable operation

  • Perform upkeep maintenance for all kinds of equipment
  • Monitor maintenance in real time
  • Analyse and check equipment in offline mode

Traffic management

  • Design and implement the city's transport policies
  • Detect and respond to planned and unforeseen situations
  • Assess and optimise strategies

Encourage public transport use

  • Design and deploy prioritisation systems
  • Assess the benefits and impacts


  • Facilitate communication between local authority departments
  • Inform users about events and travel conditions


1. Cité, Software bricks deployed in an open, standardised solution
2. Cité is organised to allow phased, flexible implementation…

  • Expertise Exploitation et Systèmes d'information assurée par une équipe de spécialistes
  • Proximité et connaissance terrain garanties par l'agence locale SPIE
  • Étude et aménagement des salles de contrôle par notre département Ergonomie et Mobilier Technique

3. ... In even the most challenging urban environments:

  • Reuse of existing equipment and transmission networks (copper, optical fibre or radio technology, etc.)
  • Continuity of service maintained for users throughout the implementation process
  • Incorporation of new requirements
  • Comprehensive maintenance


Transport & IT Division
4, avenue Jean Jaurès – TSA 90001
69551  Feyzin cedex

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