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Press release
Val d'Oise - The Argenteuil basin turns again to SPIE Ile-de-France Nord-Ouest
Following the Argenteuil urban video surveillance contract secured in April (see previous media release), Argenteuil Victor Dupouy Hospital has entrusted work to renovate and improve its HV loop to the Paris Nord-Ouest office of the Ile-de-France Regional Office. This 12-month contract, worth nearly €3 million, represents 2,500 hours of design work and 12,000 hours of production. The work to be done includes the following services:
  • refurbishment of 10 HV/LV substations, including electrical engineering, ventilation, building and painting,
  • supply and installation of 47 HV cells and eight HV/LV transformers from 400 to 1,600 kVA,
  • design and installation of an automatic reconfiguration system for the HV loop,
  • installation of an automatic load-shedding/restoration system for LV distribution,
  • fitting of an automatic transformer switchover system,
  • supervision of metering units, with pricing in euros,
  • renovation of the site's building management system and computer-aided maintenance management system,
  • supply and installation of 6 km of HV cable,
  • creation of a fibre-optic Ethernet network linking all the site's HV/LV substations,
  • replacement of five main LV distribution switchboards and four back-up main LV distribution switchboards, and renovation of all existing outgoing LV lines.

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