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SPIE’s company project, The Green Economy: Sharing a Vision for the Future, aims to ensure SPIE’s continued performance by promoting a sustainable world. Three core values lie at the heart of SPIE’s project.

Local presence alongside its teams, customers and partners

The Group is managed by experienced professionals committed to the company’s customers and worksites. Group management works to remain transparent and available to its teams. In addition, SPIE works hard to ensure the physical safety of all those present on its worksites.

Every SPIE employee is independent and responsible. As Group ambassadors, each employee represents the company’s values externally, especially during customer relations. To best fulfil their mission, SPIE employees take an eco-responsible approach and use all of the company’s resources and skills.

Diversity is a driver of SPIE’s development. Businesses and cultures grow by working as a network, fostering solidarity among teams and promoting gender equality in the workplace. A catalyst of creativity and innovation, the breadth of these exchanges benefits customers, improves performance and enhances the Group’s image.

Performance on every level: quality, safety, energy efficiency, finances, skill development and more

Growth generates value. It motivates shareholders by earning their confidence and encouraging their participation in SPIE’s development and continued long-term performance. It satisfies customers, motivates employees and attracts new talent.

Improving performance demands the efforts of all: both management and employees alike share the same commitment to achieving goals. Performance requires a solid corporate culture and an ability to anticipate and adapt to events, with each employee determining his or her contribution to the company’s results.

A spirit of conquest drives SPIE employees. As a leader in multi-technical services, SPIE intends to pursue its development within Europe in the energy efficiency markets, which are poised to grow to meet current and future environmental challenges.

Social and environmental responsibility

SPIE’s presence near worksites makes its efforts more meaningful and enables the company to lend long-term support to its customers. Its commitments have led to lasting partnerships with different players in its economic and social environment.

Every employee is committed to responsible action. SPIE is proud to manage the facilities and equipment of its customers, ensuring the continued performance of these facilities while complying with the highest standards in terms of safety, quality and environmental preservation.

For SPIE, the development of new technological solutions must protect and promote society and the environment. This central commitment has led to ethical and responsible practices that favour employee development, the green economy and the company’s sustainable development.

Ethical principles
Principles of business ethical conduct
This ethical commitment is supported by the the members of the Executive Committee through "Our Ethical Principles". The SPIE ethical policy is set in the "Principles of business ethical conduct" brought to the attention of all employees, who have also been provided with an implementation guide to help them understand thoses principles and adopt good habits.