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Press release
Very High-Speed Network: SPIE, leader in setting up the 100% fibre optic network in Alsace

Improving digital accessibility of the regions


Saint-Denis, October 19th, 2017 – France’s Very High-Speed Network Plan is gaining momentum and SPIE CityNetworks continues to demonstrate its expertise in Very High-Speed Network and public initiative networks. Design, construction, user connection, maintenance of equipment and more… SPIE CityNetworks deploys a broad range of skills across the regions of France. The latest major operation to be launched is the ROSACE project which aims to connect all households and businesses in Alsace to the fibre optic Very High-Speed Network.

A range of expert skills combined in order to provide Alsatian households with fibre optic cable

Since May 2017, SPIE CityNetworks has been taking part in deployment of the FTTH* ROSACE network in Alsace through the involvement of its expert teams in telecommunications and overhead and underground infrastructures.

“Our structure at SPIE CityNetworks is particularly well-suited to this type of project”, says Sébastien Rivière, Operations Director, Télécom Est. “Indeed, these projects are greatly facilitated by our subsidiary's combined skills in the key areas of telecoms and external works, together with our extensive knowledge of local constraints.”

The internal engineering office was involved in designing the network; the teams took part in roll-out and construction of the overhead and underground infrastructures as well as in laying and connecting the fibre optic cables. SPIE CityNetworks set up a dedicated local organisation enabling up to 1,350 FTTH outlets per month to be delivered.

Since July 2017, SPIE CityNetworks has also been entrusted with maintenance of all network equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a major responsibility, given that by 2021 the ROSACE network will comprise 13,000 km of cables. Finally, for several months, SPIE CityNetworks has been one of the companies connecting users who wish to take advantage of fibre optic network.

Through its involvement in this project, SPIE CityNetworks plays an active role in local development and in the development of new skills, as well as boosting job-creation in Alsace. The creation of the FTTH network will also enable Alsatians to access new functions in future, including Smart city functions.

*FTTH: Fibre To The Home, Very High-Speed Network access in which the fibre runs to the user’s home.

ROSACE Project: Very High-Speed Network for Alsace

Launched in April 2016, the ROSACE Project fulfils the aim set by Région Grand Est to provide all households and businesses in Alsace with access to a Very High-Speed Network connection by 2021. ROSACE, a public service delegation, covers the region’s least densely-populated areas in particular, that is 696 districts. The shareholders of Rosace are: the Marguerite Fund (37%), the Quaero Infrastructure Fund (27%), the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (20%), NGE Concessions (8%) and Altitude Infrastructure (8%). Operational since 1 July 2017 with 5,800 outlets by 1 September, the ROSACE network will ultimately enable 377,000 outlets to be created for individuals and businesses.



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