Major projects

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“Village Hub” pilot project

The “Village Hub” concept aims to create small-scale plants that can operate with zero external inputs and zero waste. 

This pilot project focuses on units in Indonesia located next to a palm sugar factory, which uses geothermal heat to dry and prepare palm sugar. Sugar juice from palm sugar is then evaporated and fermented to make ethanol. SPIE Nederland B.V. oversaw the entire project, from engineering to procurement. The zero-waste units are expected to provide a fair income for villagers and provide them with clean drinking water, electricity and ethanol (for cooking and as fuel for mopeds). 

Services provided

  • Pre-basic design
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Equipment and materials testing and purchasing
  • Construction contractors selection
  • Construction, support and supervision


Willem van der Graaf
Director Sales & Business Development

Tél. : +31 (0)765445444