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Press release
Web-communication: Recognition for SPIE innovations
The prize-giving ceremony for the 22nd UJJEF annual Communication and Enterprise awards, which reward the most innovative corporate communication initiatives, was held on Thursday 20 November at Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione in Paris. SPIE Group won two awards in recognition of its innovative, entertaining and responsible communication: the sustainable development communication prize, for its "responsible annual report", and a "Special Mention" for the MySPIE site (, an Internet-based, interactive 3D island).
"The responsible annual report"
With the publication of the 2007 edition of its annual report, SPIE gave birth to the first 100% sustainable development annual report ever produced by a company. The rich media electronic version of this document, which is available on the Group's corporate website, features a built-in speech synthesis engine (with bilingual support for English and French) and an environmentally-responsible print-on-demand (POD) service. Using the Doc@Home function, Internet users can have a printed version delivered to their door in under 48 hours. The complete "POD rematerialisation" process, involving high-definition digital printing on recycled paper, complies with all environment-related requirements currently applicable to the printing industry and reduces consumption of paper, energy and chemicals to what is strictly necessary. Built-in speech synthesis makes the document more accessible, allowing the user to listen to all of its content (including graphs and captions as well as the main texts) with no need for special software. The fully keyboard-controllable browser interface includes a dynamic zoom feature that is able to magnify the document by up to 3,000 times for sight-impaired users, without sacrificing any of the interactive functions. The report includes a wealth of extra content and additional functions, including 3D material, videos, dynamic graphs, slide shows and interactive links to internal and web content, extending its appeal to a broader audience than usual and enhancing the use and impact of the Group's publications. The "Print On Demand for sustainable development" mark was created and is applied to and explained in the document. SPIE's goal for 2009 is to cut the annual report's conventional print run by 75% and roll out the Print On Demand system to all of the documents (including corporate reports, sales literature, etc.) available for consultation in the Group's online virtual library. MySPIE received a special honour in the form of a "Special Mention" award. On an imaginary island 12 km long and 9 km wide, SPIE conjures up an entertaining, interactive environment illustrating all its business activities. Board a helicopter bound for an offshore oil platform, carry out maintenance work in a nuclear power plant, overfly a wind farm construction site, watch an airliner being built, travel at the speed of light through an optical fibre, or get an x-ray view of the technical networks and systems in a high-rise building, along a motorway or in a city. MySPIE reveals the hidden sides of our surroundings in our modern world and takes you on a tour of SPIE's professional trades. All you have to do is click. The island already features dozens of possible scenarios and shows the great diversity of services the Group provides for its customers. It should be noted that MySPIE offers a degree of user-friendliness rarely matched on the web, with an interface that adapts to the size and resolution of the Internet user's screen as well as providing full HD display for users whose hardware supports it. MySPIE takes a "serious game" approach as a means of addressing a very wide audience. It is also used as a demonstration tool for sales representatives and assists Human Resources by enhancing the company's profile at a time when the Group is recruiting 3,000 new employees a year. SPIE's e-communication is booming
"In all sectors of the economy where SPIE operates, our mission is to harness cutting-edge technology to support our customers as they grow. "In keeping with this role and SPIE's commitments in the area of sustainable development, we are developing strategies to maximise the utility value of our communication tools, providing the best available resources across the full spectrum of our audience without harming the environment " explains Pascal Omnès, SPIE's Communications Director. "We have begun to deploy our latest innovations, incorporating technologies developed by Bee-Buzziness, as part of the e-communication strategy initiated by SPIE to accompany the launch of the Group's new corporate identity in 2006. They follow on from and enhance our previous developments, including websites, a high-definition online photo archive, webcasts, an electronic library and virtual daily press round-ups". By leveraging the phenomenon of media convergence, SPIE is now able to offer people a new way to learn about its business activities and consult all of the Group's publications. More innovations will be revealed in 2009. Watch this space!