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Press release
Welcome to MySPIE world!
So you're not going on holiday or you don't know where to go. You're looking for a dream destination but you're worried about the carbon footprint you'll leave with a long flight or car journey. You don't yet know SPIE yourself or you'd like to give yourself the chance to explore it in an innovative, simple, user-friendly way... No need to call your local travel agent or set out on your journey loaded with literature about SPIE: you can travel light by visiting Welcome to MySPIE: you're home! You may not always realise it but, behind many of our daily actions such as phoning, switching on the light, heating a room, taking a plane, metro or bus, there are complex systems which regulate our everyday lives. In partnership with their customers, SPIE's personnel design, install, operate, maintain and develop these systems which help us all live better together by bringing us technical progress in tune with the principles of sustainable development. MySPIE is an interactive virtual 3D world which will be regularly enriched with new contents and functions. Its aim is to offer you an original and entertaining way of learning more about the specialised skills of SPIE's employees and the technical services they provide in every sector of the economy to support the development of companies and enhance the world around us. In MySPIE, you will also discover - or rediscover - SPIE's virtual library and the Group's websites.

SPIE - sharing a vision for the future


Pascal Omnès
Communications Director
Tel.: +33 (0)1 34 22 58 21